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Happily serving the people of Galway with our famous Pea & Potato Curry and our range of vegetarian food for 25 years. We are a family owned Vegetarian food company that focuses on plant based, vegan and gluten free complete meals.

We love what we do and feel lucky that our work feels right, and that our food contributes to human sociability and community.

We aim, where possible and practical, to source our raw ingredients from local and organic sources.

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In the mid 1980’s, while living in London, Deirdre and I (Donagh) were becoming increasingly interested in vegetarian and vegan food and the arguments in favour of adopting such a diet. Along with changing our own diets we started selling our Pea & Potato Curry at Portobello Road Market.

We returned to Ireland in 1991 and after settling in Galway we set up a stall in St. Nicholas Saturday Market selling our Pea & Potato Curry, chapattis and stuffed chapattis. At that time, each Friday our domestic kitchen would be temporarily transformed into a semi-commercial kitchen to prepare and cook our food for the market.

We now work from a fully customised and HSE compliant commercial kitchen where we cook our range of vegan and vegetarian chilled and frozen vegetarian meals and confectionery.

Since 1996, when we started in St. Nicholas Market, Galway we have been selling our Madras Pea and Potato Curry (vegan and gluten free) with optional yoghurt and a selection of pickles and buttered chapattis (non-yeast, traditional Indian flat bread), all ready to eat. Each Saturday we also have a selection of our other vegetarian dishes chilled. You can also place your order in advance with the kitchen and we will have it ready for you to collect at the Market on Saturday. 

Check out www.galwaymarket.com to see what else our local market has to offer.

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First stall in 1996 when we began trading in St. Nicholas Market.

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Our Market Stall

An exciting time starting our business in something we loved.

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Pea & Potato Curry

Still one of our most popular dishes.

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Moving Forward

Meeting friends and regular customers.

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Our Catering Trailer

In the early 2000s catering for the Galway Arts Festival Macnas Parade participants.

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Our St. Nicholas Market trading license from 2003.

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The Kitchen

Developing new dishes with Justine, Lou, Lauren in our cooking/tasting sessions.

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New Dishes

Looking towards the future.

CALL US : 085 721 8969

Selection of our chilled take home meals available from our Kitchen

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Pastries & Chapattis

Courgette & Ricotta Galette
Visit our kitchen

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Main dishes

Madras Pea & Potato Curry
Our dishes

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Vegan & Vegetarian Brownies
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