Gift Packages

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Gift Packages

Package: Contains (Chilled or Frozen): Price:

(4) Main meals*

(4) Basmati rice

(4) pastries OR (4) desserts

Yoghurt / Chutney / Chilli 

Food for the week

(7) Main meals *

(7) Basmati rice

Family  (Feeds 4 people) – Enough main meals and sides to feed four people for 5 days. 

(8) Bakes

(4) Pea & Potato Curry

(8) Dish options *

(12) Basmati rice


The Bean Tree Gift Food Package**

(7) Main meals (3 bakes & 4 dishes)

(4) Basmati rice

(4) Chapatti

(7) Pastries OR (7) Desserts



*Excludes the bakes, only for meals in pots.

** Great gift for a new mum, someone recovering from being unwell, when there has been a bereavement, as a thank you, someone moving house or just to take a week off cooking!

Contact us for more information & to tailor a package for your individual needs.