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Mad Yolk Farm

Mad Yolk Farm is a new project in Galway on a mission:

• provide healthy, nutrient dense food
• create fun, hard working, meaningful jobs
• restore the eco-systems we work in not take from them
• increase biodiversity and build rich soils
• create local food security
• be centres of the community
• be full of LIFE!

Any other Mad Yolks out there?

What in the world is pastured poultry?

We produce free range eggs from pasture raised hens only fed on Organic grain.
Our chickadees are bobbing about on fresh grass all day long.
They are moved regularly onto fresh grass in our mobile chicken caravan.
The ladies constantly get to forage for insects and wild greens making your eggs very healthy and your yolk super yellow.
When we move the birds the pasture gets to recover and grow naturally leading to an increase in biodiversity (more wildflowers and varied grass species) helped along by all the chicken sh*t left behind!
Say goodbye to bare fields with short grass; say hello to rich pasture, happy hens and healthy eggs.
Brian is the Mad Yolk Egg Man and he collects the eggs and dances with the chickens every single day.
The eggs go straight from us to you. No middle man and no unnecessary transport, just a direct relationship between the farmer and the customer.

Email: madyolkfarm@gmail.com
Website: https://www.madyolkfarm.ie
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/madyolkfarm

Geometry Coffee

Geometry Coffee Roasters

Geometry was founded by brothers George and Matt. They decided in 2020 in the midst of a global pandemic that the best thing to do was start their own coffee roastery. Having worked in the Coffee industry for years the timing felt right to finally create their own. In 2021 we officially launched and have never looked back. They were introduced to the world of Coffee by their father Bryan so calling the roastery Geometry felt fitting. George, Matt and Bryan

Phone: +353 (0)87 6682 026
Address: Unit 11, MG Business Park, Tuam, Co. Galway H54 F308
Email: geometry@coffee.ie
Instagram & Facebook: @geometrycoffeeroasters
Website: www.geometrycoffee.ie

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Coolfin Bakery

A dedicated organic bakery, run by Jonas Hein & Layla O’Brien. We are a fully certified organic bakery specialising in sourdoughs and yeast breads. We love bringing our creations to you and we hope that you enjoy devouring our loaves as much as we do!

Phone: 087 204 5593
Email: coolfingardens@gmail.com
Facebook: Coolfin Gardens Organic Bakery
Website: https://www.coolfinbakery.ie

Beo Honey

A delicious Raw wildflower honey produced under the care of Coolfin Gardens.

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