Our Ethos

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In our kitchen we bring together our experience with simple ingredients so we can serve you delicious home-made food that tastes great.
We use local produce where possible, compostable take-away packaging & filtered water in all of our cooking.
Some interesting facts on the completely compostable containers, lids & spoons that we use for our hot food take-away’s:

~ They can be disposed of in your brown food bin or compost heap, no separating or rinsing needed.

~ They break down into nutrient rich soil in less than 90 days because they are made from plants, not plastic.

~ They encourage a circular economy as the soil they break down into, grows plants, and plants are then used to make new compostable products.

We keep our waste to a minimum in the kitchen, and we compost any food waste that may occur.

'Live life simply so that others may simply live.'

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Here at The Bean Tree:

  • All the food containers & utensils we use are fully compostable or recyclable.

  • We keep our food waste to a minimum & compost any food waste that may occur.

  • All of our waste packaging is composted or recycled.
We use filtered water in all our food preparation & cooking. 

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